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Title: 'SlumberS'

Where: S.M.A.K. Coming people Ghent, de WERF Bruges on lacation in a Barn, BUDA Kortrijk, residenties in Buda Kortrijk, STUK Leuven, Namahn Brussels, VanHaerents rehearsel space

Period: 2012 - 2011

Format: Performances/ installation

Materials: installation made of wood, glass, screws, wheels, carpet, rubber bands, lights, nylon thread, contact microphones, stereo.

Costumes made of lasered ceramic, textile, rubber bands, weeping textiles, screen printing, beads, ribbons, horsehair, paper, plastic, plumes.


Context & concept: SlumberS is a collective name for cross-over total concepts arising in sleep stages. More specifically, Joke Raes her works starts frequently from hypnagogic and hynopompic slumber images, short flashes occur before and after the dream stage. SlumberS is a cross-over performance triptych centering on the theme of ‘communication’. The triptych uncovers various communication aspects in three different manifestations. The performance triptych displays the existent human who relates to others in different ways and scans the boundaries between conscious and unconscious visual sensations in both content and form. The idea of “communication” is regenerated in SlumberS by its exposure in different ways. Communication is everywhere in our hurried capitalistic life and as time and space continue to shrink, we are increasingly forced to communicate virtually. Through various channels (Internet, telephone, television...) we communicate with someone in another place, someone who is elusive yet tangible thanks to language. SlumberS uncovers the essential impossibility of communication. Certain actions, acts of communication, are repeated in a routine manner. The performers walking by repeatedly in the exact same manner appear to be on a path to somewhere, but because the movements are repeated time and time again, the path proves to lead to nothing and to nowhere. The repetition might be read as a rejuvenation. SlumberS refers to the slumbering located between waking and sleeping. In a conscious way, you surrender gradually to the unconscious state of dreaming. Dreaming can be experienced as a catharsis, but is also necessary as a way to recharge the human batteries. The slumber-experiences, i.e. the hypnagogical and hypnopompical states, are not located in the limited consciousness of the dream, but balance between reality and escapism. By approaching communication from the angle of slumbers, of the semi-conscious, this performance seeks to illustrate and understand its different aspects and its intrinsic nature. 


Who: performers; Fleur Perneel, Arber Sefa, Natasha Mortier, Charlotte van Wouwe, Luth Lea Roose, Danae Baert & musician composers Tim Vets and Jochen Arbeit

special thanks to all the helping hands