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'SlumberS', 2010-12, S.M.A.K. Coming people Ghent, de WERF Bruges on lacation in a Barn, BUDA Kortrijk, residenties in Buda Kortrijk, STUK Leuven, Namahn Brussels, VanHaerents rehearsel space, Performances/ installation

Materials: installation made of wood, glass, screws, wheels, carpet, rubber bands, lights, nylon thread, contact microphones, stereo.

Costumes made of lasered ceramic, textile, rubber bands, weeping textiles, screen printing, beads, ribbons, horsehair, paper, plastic, plumes. Who: performers; Fleur Perneel, Arber Sefa, Natasha Mortier, Charlotte van Wouwe, Luth Lea Roose, Danae Baert & musician composers Tim Vets and Jochen Arbeit, special thanks to all the helping hands

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