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Utopia / Ex Vitro group expo installation @ thermotechnic museum Leuven, Belgium

Other artists expo: Frederic De Wilde, Jalila Essaïdi, Theo Jansen, Eduardo Kac, Koert van Mensvoort, Lieven Standaert


Title: Souvenirs from Utopia

Where: Leuven Thermotechnic museum

groupshow Ex Vitro, Utopia

Period: 2016 october

Format:  performance

Materials: foam, 3D printed materials, lasercut materials, industrial remnants, edelweiss plant, crab leg, ceramics, wood, chocolate



EX VITRO exhibition

Bio-art, techno-minds, science-creatures and other hybrids. Organized by Fablab KULeuven, the Verbeke Foundation, Cultural Studies and Incentim in the concept of the Utopia festival Leuven. With works of  Frederik De Wilde, Jalila Essaïdi, Eduardo Kac, Joke Raes, Lieven Standaert and Theo Jansen.


Souvenirs from Utopia is an installation and live performance.
A trio with their dis topic shadows are showing souvenirs they took from a secret place as Utopia.
The souvenirs stand for 'universal love', purity, happy surprise, believe in an illusion, denial of ugliness', 'believe in an illusion', purification, 'enigmatic creative power', acceptance of love & lust, respect and the surrender of pleassure.
The dance and music are the soul of each object.


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